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I work a lot with very small bitmaps, and I was thinking it would be awesome if there was a way to select just one pixel, by making the paintbrush very small, and then selecting a new "mode" (either draw or select). That way, you can select stuff by just drawing.

The option would be between Brush Width and Fill.

And if this is possible, you could also do the same with the pencil and line tools.

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I can see where you're coming from, something like a cross between Paintbrush and Lasso Select? Possibly Lasso with the cursor of Paintbrush? Couldn't you just use Lasso or is the fact that you work so small that the functionality of the Paintbrush would be more practical when selecting?

If this does happen with the Paintbrush then there is no need for it to be implemented into the Pencil as well, but incorporating it into Line / Curve could prove useful but then it would only work with anti-aliasing off as it either selected or not, there is no in between as there would be with AA. Unless the action applied to the selection would depend and be based on the alpha value of that pixel, for example the selection only has a opacity of 50 therefore the filling with black (for instance) would only be at opacity of 50 as well. Though, correct me if I'm wrong.

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if there was a way to select just one pixel

It's right under your nose.

If you want to "read" the pixel information (i.e. color), use the :ColorPicker: Color Picker.

If you want to "write" in it, use the :PencilTool: Pencil.

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Then you resize your picture to a larger size, in which it will look pixelated, and then use those same selection tools on the small area. Orrr. Instead of resizing, just increase the magnification of your picture to like 500% before using the selection tools.


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