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unable to install Paint.NET

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hallo forum,

first of all: excuse my bad english! an now .....

I've installes .NET Framework 2.0. Now I tried to install Paint.NET 3.08. Next I saw, was this


By klicking OK setup will end. While the message is displayed, the Process SetupFrontEnd.exe is running. After klicking OK, it will be closed. In the Temp-Folder there are 2 Sub-Folders

PdNSetup and PdnSetup2. PdNSetup2 is empty. This is the content of PdNSetup:


I have deinstalled .NET Framework and installed it new. Same result :(

What can I do?

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It's not system resources, it's language resources.

These files are used to fill up the text of the menus and dialogs (File, Edit, and their equivalent in your language).

Try deleting the temp folders you pointed, deleting the installer, redownloading it, reinstalling it.

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Ok, thanks to all,

now I have installed .NET Framework 3.0 with all security updates an the german laguagepacks (the same is installed for .Net Framework 2.0). This is the new message:


A little different and in german language.

Then I deleted all Temp-Files and used the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility.

Paint.NET is not listed there!"

My sytem is a ShuttleX with 2 Gigs of RAM an P4 3.0. enough Disk-Space! The OS is Win XP Prof, SP 2........

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man this is one mess up problem.

What .NET Framework are you running ?

Do you have any thing installed that may be blocking the .net or something else that Paint.NET needs ?

You only get that error when trying to install so you don't even get the program at all on the computer. man what could this be ?

I wonder if Rick could knows what that install error is ?

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I'm running NET.Framework 2.0 an 3.0, both with all security-patches and german languagepack. With 2.0 or 3.0 allone installation, the same message will be displayed.

Now, I have my own solution:

Installed 3.08 on another computer. Same OS (all patches....), same NET.Framework versions. No Ptroblems at all!!!!!

OK, copyed the Paint.NET Folder to a USB-Stick and from this one to my ShuttleX. Copyed the comlplete Folder to the Shuttles Program-Folder and.......it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I have to look, if there are some probs...... :D

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