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Line select (or something similar)

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Alright, my first plugin request...

I was really getting pissed at the lasso tool today and I was hoping someone could help me with this. How about a line tool that selects things, sort of like the lasso but the lines come out straight. I don't know its kind of hard to explain. What I'm trying to say is how about a Triangle select or other shapes, because squares and circles don't really work all the time.

I'm hoping someone can make sense of this.


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One workaround that has been suggested is to create a scratch layer and use the Line / Curve tool to draw out the section in straight lines. Fill in the insides once you have a closed shape, then use the Magic Wand to select the block of color in the shape of the polygon you wanted. Switch to whatever layer you wanted to draw on and proceed. :)

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How about a line / curve based selection tool?

You could select something with any of the selection tools & then manipulate the lines at any points to get the exact selection you wanted :)


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