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Image type is not recognized - help !

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I have spent a few hours editing images, but when i save them i cannot open them again !

The errror messages is:

The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened.

The only two tasks i have done which are common for all the images i have saved is

a) i have merged some layers together

B) all filenames ends with a number - for example 3.1 or 4.2

Could the reason for the error messages be that PDN thinks that .1 or .2 is the file extension ?

Is there any way to recover my work ?


I have just discovered that PDN don't like that that .1 or .2 is the file extension !

This is something that needs to be fixed !

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If the filenames are ending with ".1" and ".2" then no, Paint.NET does not think that those are the extensions. Those actually are the extensions. Just change it back to whatever they originally were (jpg, png, gif, pdn, whatever) and it should work fine.


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