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feather, ie cleaning rough lines

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1. You subject and you post doesn't make sense.

I am guessing you are asking how to install plugins.

And you are trying to open the dll file with pdn.

Search or look at top of the page....

Read: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2023

2. You are posting in the wrong section.

Read: This forum is reserved for plugin publishing ONLY


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the question is about plugins, however the link you sent me may be just what i need.....

This forum is reserved for forum publishing only. That, plus the frantic use of question marks, really puts you at risk for being banned from the forum. Ask your questions with a specific subject in the General Discussion forum - or, better yet, use the "search" feature. The moderators here are great, but they're also serious about keeping this forum kept up and looking nice. Please - read the rules for your own good.

Other than that - welcome to the PdN boards! We're glad to have you.


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Moved to Questions and General Discussion

Please read the Announcement topics at the top of each forum. They're there to help keep things organized.

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