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Docking tools

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I would much rather perfer an "Exposé" type thing, where by pressing a key (F11) all (or select) windows would just fade or slide out of the way. Then by pressing the assigned key again all the windows would re-appear.

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My ultimate preference for the UI -- at least for the color picker -- would be to have it work like the Dock in Mac OS X. It would be a very small color wheel in some corner, and when the mouse got close to it then it would get larger.

I don't know how easy or practical it would be to do that, especially since Apple probably has a patent on the Dock and I'm not sure how far that extends to derivative ideas. I suspect that a lot of UI refinement will be made more possible with Vista and .NET 2.0. (Oh yes, we definitely have ideas for Vista ...)

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Until we get a PDN dock :D, you might try this.

If you've got a windows xp comp, dust off an old monitor and use it in combo with your current one. Then you can have the tools box, color window, layers window, and history box on one screen and the actual image on the other.

The one downside to this is that you have to have a dual monitor card :(

It works well on laptops though as most fairly recent ones have an external monitor out port and support two monitors.

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