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  1. It does just work. I plug in my camera. It opens up iPhoto. I click import. It imports, if it is a JPEG or a RAW file. With Aperture it is even better when working with RAW files.
  2. But most people state that they get better RAW importing (or converting to another format) from the software that comes from the camera company. But don't take my word for it. I am now a proud owner of a Mac and I don't need to worry about all this. It just works.
  3. Why would adding RAW format be an advantage? It is a digital negative not a working format. You would need to covert it another format to work with it and export it.
  4. I like that idea... I would love it if it was a "growing" like bar (like the Mac OS X dock). That would be cool... And maybe if it was multipurpose like an option to show recent images in there. It would be nice if you could just drag an image from there into the current one to add it as a layer.
  5. I have tried that PNG fix in the past and was not successful. This one... http://www.mongus.net/pngInfo/ is the easiest one that I have ever used (and that works for me). You may want to try that. Also... you may alternatively try downloading Firefox (just a suggestion) and seeing if it works in that browser. If it does, and not in IE, it is a browser issue. If it doesn't work in Firefox than it is an image issue.
  6. Internet Explorer is bloody potato. It does not [currently] have proper transparent PNG support. This I think will be fixed in IE 7. But I would just reject all IE users and tell them to switch to Firefox.
  7. You could just drag the file into another app. If you needed to print the "real" size, use a broswer such as Firefox or if you had to, IE. EDIT: You must use an image format such as .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, etc... not the .PDN file.
  8. Sure, we are not really convert it but it is the same thing... Open up the file. Go to File > Save As > Choose the .JPG file format > Name it > Save it Done. Simple?
  9. Why does it say Visual Studio 2003 Pro and NOT Visual Studio 2005? Is this some type of backwards compatability issuse, as I have never used these apps?
  10. Oh, ok... Well, why hasn't it been implimented then?
  11. The crappy Windows Print "wizard" does not have much of any choice when it comes to printing non-standard images sizes. If something is not a wallet, 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10, it makes it one of those. And if it is a small image, it gets all pixelated. So here is my suggestion... Dump the wizard and go with a true print something that has a "Print Actual Size" selection.
  12. Curves adjustment IS much better. More curve to it, the last on was just lines. I would also like to suggest a feature: Drag a point on the curves box to delete, more like Photoshop.
  13. I know that that is why "I was playing around with the rest but they all seem pretty similar", I want to know what the definition of them are. A lot seem to the the same effect.
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