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Precise cursors

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With my first post here I would like to make a request for precise cursors. Especially when making selections, PDN's cursors are very hard to work with because they are 3 pixels thick, making it hard to see where the "center" of the cursor is. See this example:


(I pixel-arted both cursors since you can't take screenshots of cursors).

Even though PDN's cursor is much better visible (it's black and white, while Photoshop's is always the negative color of the pixel beneath it), Photoshop's cursor makes it a lot clearer what pixel you're on exactly!

This is also true for other cursors such as the Magic Wand, the Color Picker etc.

I understand the reasoning behind the cursors (they are easy to see on any color of background, they look nice etc.) but I think it would be good if there would also be some optional precise cursors.

I think this would be quite easy to implement, plus if precise cursors were off by default anyone who doesn't want them wouldn't even be bothered!

So any chance this will be in a future version of PDN? Thanks in advance!

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I would rather have it as an option, but chances are, Rick will reject that possibility.

Sorry I think I wasn't clear enough. I also meant: off by default, on if you want to.

Hello developers,

Quoting myself to see if this feature has a possibility of showing up in future releases :)

Thanks in advance!

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