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How to customize a crop?

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I have a photo and I want to do a customize croping on it.

Not the stardard straight line chop, but a selected curved line cut out. I have agonized over this, and just don't get how to do it.

I want to cut off a curve from the bottom half of a photo, and make it a "Nike" type curve, if you know what I mean.


Bob Gosney

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make a new layer then select your line/curve tool and draw you curve where you want the pic cut making sure so go from one side of the canvas to the other. then use your magic wand to select the area, click on the layer with your pic and hit delete. done!


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There two ways to do this.

1. Add a new layer and "draw" your selection with the Line Tool and then use the Magic Wand too to pick which side of the line you want to cut. Then switch over to your image and hit the DELETE key. This yields very choppy results.

2. Add a new layer and fill it with white. Then use the Line Tool with a thickness higher than 10px to draw your curved line in black. Now use the PaintBrush to fill the area you want to cut with black. Be careful not to cross the black line you made.

Now you have a layer that is just black and white. Your need to save just what you see on this layer to a new image. Now you want to got back to your original image and go to Effects > Alpha Mask Import. Browse for the B&W image you just saved and hit OK.


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Made new layer. No problem. I tried the draw the line thing. That worked good on the new layer and I was able to grab the anchor points and curve the line.

When I select with the Magic wand, the trouble begins. It will not select on half or the other. It, sometimes picks bits and pieces of one half and allows it to be deleted. Other parts that get left behind from the deletion step are somehow magicaly attached to the other half (above the curved line) and they all go away together.

Very frustrating....

Bob Gosney

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Go to a site like http://www.photobucket.com create an account, upload a picture.

When you do, you will see a link to the picture below its thumbnail. Click on the UBB link and paste it into a message here.

The general format is:


Click to play:
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Here is how I did it:

First you need to download and install the Alpha Mask Import plugin.

I opened your image. Added a new layer. I filed that layer with white. Then, I drew a thick curvy line across the image in black. I then used the Paintbrush tool(50px or higher helps) to fill in the side I don't want with black.

I saved that B&W image as a yournamemask1.png. This flattens your image, you need to undo that by hitting Ctrl+Z.

Now you want to delete that top layer that you created. This gets you back to your original image. Now you can go to Effects > Alpha Mask Import and browse for the yournamemask1.png. Hit OK and it should remove anything that was in the area that was covered with black in the mask file.


If you do a 90 degree motion blur on the mask image before using it you can get the following results:



Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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