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Hair and Eyeball help

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Hi all:

Got two requests and didn't know where to put them, so thought "questions and general discussions" was the best place.

Right first question.

I am looking at creating a hair like texture similar to this:


I had an attempt by adding a yellow and light brown square onto a dark brown background, adding noise and then motion blur..... however this is what it looks like:


I don't think it's bad for a first attempt, but on the first one, the strands are much more defined. and the colors seem better mixed on the first version. Any ideas on how to get this affect?

Second question is that I am wanting to create an eye that looks as close to this as possible:


I have already looked at this tutorial, but it's not really the effect I am after.


The veins on the actual eyeball and reflection, I am not having a problem with, but just the iris.

Thanks to all who reply and can help in some way and as I said I don't know if this is in the right section, so feel free to move if needed :)


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