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Changing Canvas Color

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It's been some time since I've worked with Paintnet. I have 4.0.5.

My apologies for having forgotten how to easily do this.


I have portrait images that I need to include in a photo gallery. 

So, I resized the height of the portrait images to equal the height of the landscape images/gallery - no problem.

And, I changed the width of the canvas size to equal the width of the landscape images/gallery creating padding on each side of the image - no problem


I'm having trouble easily changing the canvas color to black.

When I used the paint bucket and primary and secondary colors, I ended up with the black bleeding into the image. If I set the tolerance to 0% there was still some bleed, because there is a bit of pure white in part of the image.


Eventually, I used the rectangle tool to select each side of the canvas separately (left / right) and then the paint bucket to fill with black.

I guess that this will work, but I thought there was an easier method to change only the canvas color that I used before - and have apparently forgotten :(





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It depends on how you created the padding. If it is transparent (let's hope so) then this will work:

1: Open the image.

2: Create a new layer and move it below the image layer.

3: fill the new layer with black.

4: Save As... a *.pdn to preserve the layer structure.

5: Save As.. your preferred image format - flattening when you are prompted to.

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