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Missing fill pattern option for Paintbrush

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The fill pattern dropdown option is missing for the Paintbrush tool. The paintbrush will only do solid color. I'm using Paint.net 4.03 on Windows 8.1.  Haven't added any plugins.  I've checked for updates for both paint.net and windows. The fill pattern option appears for the Paint Bucket.

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Hi Rick,


Normally, fill is not used much but It's really a cool feature. It's makes nice images.There's something I have to say about it. When I use fill pattern, it really use pattern size of itself. I mean it's not configurable. In small size images. It doesn't matter but for large resolution images the fill pattern becomes invisible. For example, I like black diagonal line fill pattern on white background very much but for bigger images the fill turns out like some sort of gray shade.  :(  I hope you understand what I am saying. (Anyway, it's feature request :| ) Please, make it configurable. Other than this, I will also like a 'hexagonal honeycomb like' fill pattern in available patterns and a new crescent moon shape added in new shape tool along with stars.


I think getting fill pattern for brush back will  be good. :)


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