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Having issues with magic wand 4.0

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I'm having issues with the magic wand, sometimes when I click on something it's fine and it clicks on what I want and then sometimes it says finishing and takes forever. It's never done this before. I've never worked with photos from my own camera before, which is what I'm doing now. So I thought maybe the file was too big so I saved it as a png and it's still having issues. Is this me or the program??? Thanks for the help.


By the way, I love Paint.net

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Hi Jackie!


Large, complex selections can take some time to process.  If your system is low spec and the image huge then this might cause the issues you've found.


Go to the Settings icon ( :Settings: top right) and copy the info from the Diagnostics tab.  Paste it here so we can see what your system looks like. 


How big is the image (pixel size)?

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