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After installing Microsoft updates & tryed to install WM

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After installing Microsoft updates & trying to install WMP 11 (76 of them-feared getting updates from prior bad experiences so never installed any on this computer) WPM 11 still would not install. A message stated I couldn't install it without updates. I have/came with WMP 10.

It then messed up Windows Media Center-only My Pictures, More Programs and Settings were available.

I fixed it by using Program Access and Defaults. However since 11 wouldn't install, I System Restored-I manually set a point before installing updates & attempt at 11.

Prior to all of this, the feature in Windows Live Messenger to access Hotmail e-mail directly wouldn't work. I contacted Support-10 days of trying almost everything, no solution.

Sometime after Restore, I guessed that it had something to with .net (not Paint.Net) and installed IE7-had IE6. The IM access worked, but days later I tried to use Paint.Net (obviously Paint.Net stopped working AFTER the update fiasco but didn't realize it at the time) and it won't allow me to uninstall or install & the pdncrash Notepad is blank!

I tried using the removal tool in FAQ's, but it caused Paint.Net not to appear in Add or Remove, (I probably did something wrong why the tool did this).

To fix this I decided to Restore. Also, I then realized that it's possible my IM feature didn't work after installing Paint.Net 3.0-had the previous version, hence the mention of the IM e-mail feature problem.

I then Restored before IE7, which was the best spot, and Paint.Net now appears in Add/Remove. However, the IM e-mail feature reverted to not working.

PLEASE HELP! I still want to use it, but at this point I still can't use, remove or install 3.0.

VITAL SPECS 1.80GHz M processor, 1.00 GB RAM.

Error message: Paint.Net has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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I forgot to add this. After trying to uninstall 3.0 I got the following message:

There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.

A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

A new message I just got on the System Tray after starting the computer states that there is a duplicate name on the system.

Is there a fix for this. Ran scans no malware on the system. If I correctly use the removal tool will it solve this problem? Remember, it worked perfectly before the updates & attempted install of WMP 11.

Also, is there a way to manually recover the pdncrash report from the system since it was blank?

I want to exhaust all options before reinstalling Windows.

By the way, regular Paint works as does all other programs including Windows Media Center.

I know you guys are brilliant and can figure this one out!


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I'll take a hack at it.

*Note that you will need to read this before taking action*

If the problem is what I think it is, you won't have to do a system restoration. Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System tools, then System Restore. This is a dandy little program that the smaller slice of the Windows user pie knows about. As it says on the app itself, it's a program that can restore your computer to an earlier date. I would prefer you click "Create a Restore Point" before you go on. After you do so, click "Restore my computer to an earlier time ". Just click the date you want the computer to restore to (i.e. before the computer messed up!) and it will eventually reboot and restore all of your settings and deleted items back to the way they were.

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usedHONDA, ironically if you had read Dragoneer's post you'd know that a System Restore had already been attempted. (It's ironic because you specifically called out that one should read your post in full detail .....)

Anyway, Dragoneer, it looks like your computer's troubles extend way beyond Paint.NET and past what we would know how to fix.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I realized that I definitely didn't use the Removal Tool correctly after stumbling into the Readme info in Program Files under Windows Installer Clean Up.

I already deleted the tool long before finding the info left behind, (glad it's still there, maybe this can be resolved) but will re-download & reinstall after getting the answer.

There is one part that I'm confused about under the heading HOW DO I INSTALL THE WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEAN UP UTILITY?

Here is the excerpt in question:

The files may also be extracted manually from the downloaded file. However, after you do this, you must rename the appropriate MsiZap*.exe file "MsiZap.exe." (NOTE: If you use the utility on Windows 95/98/98SE/ME, rename MsiZapA.exe. Otherwise, rename MsiZapU.exe.)

I'm running XP w/Media Center. Which of the two is it telling me to rename it to?

1. MsiZap.exe

2. MsiZapU.exe

And, I'm not quite sure what the name of the file is that it's telling me to rename. I want to make sure that I get it right this time!


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PAINT.NET IS FIXED!! ANSWER IS NOT NEEDED ANY LONGER. However, you can still answer in case someone else needs to know.

Just after posting the above inquiry, I logged out and went to check out my post and saw that there was a heading about having trouble installing on the very first line posted by this site.

I read it and it turns out I never knew about trying to repair .Net Framework in Add or Remove Programs by clicking on Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, then click on Change/Remove, then click on the Repair radio button, then click Next...

I repaired it, then reinstalled (did not uninstall-instructions did not say to) it and... low and behold, it worked!! I have my beloved Paint.Net back!

I hoped it would resolve the IM issue also but that's unchanged. I'll just reinstall IE7 from my present IE6 then everything will be perfect!

I genuflect to you for resolving this issue. I was right after all. I knew you could fix it.

I had (and still have) a HUGE amount of confidence in your brilliance and know-how-that's why I still didn't reinstall Windows.

You can't be "just average" to be a program developer of this magnitude.

Again, thanks for posting that info. It should resolve most of the issues in the Forum.

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