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  1. Oh wow, that's bad news. Unfortunately, GIFs don't work on a dock. To have motion, it has to be a PNG file. The quality of the image has to be very good because if it isn't, the image will look terrible. Is there a workaround to make it a usable PNG file for a dock?
  2. Is PDN able to make animated PNG 3d icons for dock programs? I want to make the brush move back and forth for the PDN icon so I can place it on my dock for the program Winstep Xtreme. I can't find an animated 3D icon for PDN, so I'll have to try to make one and would like to have simple (if that's possible) instructions on how to make one.
  3. Hi Rick Brewster. From your reply, it seems apparent that you did not see the post I made about a month and a half ago. This will answer your question. I'm begging too! Please put this feature to the front of the line!
  4. I hope PDN is working on it right now. It will make it a much more powerful user-friendly software.
  5. For years I've tried in vain to make the Lasso work in a simple, easy way. I stumbled across the following video and it perfectly illustrates what I want the Lasso feature to do by using what is referred to in the video as Auto Select and be able to fine tune it in the same easy way. Besides it cutting the image as it does in the video, I want the Lasso to be able to just highlight it so the user can use all of the features under Adjustments such as Brightens/Contrast, Hue/Saturation etc. to lighten and/or color the image within the Lasso area without removing it, and of course be able to use other features elsewhere that are designed to work with it. The part of the video I'm referring to starts at 8:13 to 9:09.
  6. I'm glad that this thread wasn't deleted. It has helped a few times after getting a new external hard drive in the years since I first posted this since it isn't something I do everyday beause after a while I forget how to do it and have to come back to refresh my memory. I just had to fix an icon image so it would show on my dock. (Winstep Xtrreme) by removing the surrounding white background which uses a png image thanks to pdnoob. I also totally forgot about the .ico plugin provided by evanolds that Sarkut posted. I'll probably need it again soon. I'm posting this mainly in the hope that it will help others as it did me.
  7. Okay, it took a little while but I figured it out. At first I couldn't figure out how to get the pics underneath the first two side-by-side pics. Then the light-bulb went on. You have to change the canvas height also. Ego Eram Reputo, when you said "Finally use the same technique to expand the canvas depth to allow the combined-upper and combined-lower images to be combined." I was a little confused and had no idea exactly what that meant. I now assume when you said canvas depth that you were talking about the canvas height. Thanks for you help.
  8. How do I expand the canvas? From what you just said, I think I would rather try this way than the beginner way. BTW, I'm able to do this right away. Yesterday I had a family emergency so I wasn't able to get to it until now.
  9. Sarkut, how would I go about making 4 different pics 2 on the top and two on the bottom, side-by-side and connected top and bottom? Also if I needed to put more than two together either horizontally or vertically, or together as I requested above but with more than two, is there a different procedure?
  10. THANKS!!! Much better! Can't see black or white around the image anymore. Just wondering, what causes the image to not be like other .ico images I have? In other words, the image loses detail and isn't crisp like the original although it's acceptable. Why can't it stay the same? I have many .ico images on my computer, but they're all crisp with sharp detail. Some of them I DL from different sites. Some of them I use for my dock, (a program I have installed) some of which come with the program and are ultra-sharp with excellent detail. NEWS FLASH: I just checked and found out that my dock program uses .png image files which are high-quality, and not .ico, so I thought, why don't I just use that for my drive icon. I then checked around a bit (not extensively) and it appears that only .ico files can be used for drive letter icons. What I do with my external drives is once I assign the drive image, I simply drag it to the dock and the image is there and I just click on it to open the drive. However, with this image, it isn't up to the hi-quality of all the other .ico and .png images on the dock. I then came up with an alternative. I used the method by Sarkut for my drive letter icon and dragged it to my dock. When I realized that the program uses .png for their default images, I decided to use the feature provided by the dock program that allows you to change the icon. I used the excellent looking .png that ipswichman posted without changing anything and it shows very nicely. It's very close to what the posted pic looks like with very minor degradation in quality and I can still see the individual vent holes even though the image is far smaller than the post. So, there you have it, I have a hybrid setup LOL! Sarkut's method for my drive letter icon, and ipswichman's image for my dock. Thanks again!
  11. Unfortunately, the final product comes out pretty much like the ones I did. It looks good on the Forum, but when opened, black shows around it. It seems like it has something to do with the way the original image was made. Here'a what the .ico file looks like. Sorry, I had to attach it. The filehost I use isn't compatible with .ico files. I guess without DL it you can tell the quality is very poor. Rats! Why can't the .ico file look like the initial image?!! tube.ico
  12. Still can't remove it totally and the resulting .ico image it makes with both the plug-in and the stand-alone program is of poor quality. I thought that it would be a fairly simple procedure to just use the Magic Wand to separate the image and lock out the unwanted outer part so it can't be seen after the image is saved. I guess I'll have to wait for the company to put out an .ico image. BTW, saving as .png didn't help. P.S. Is it possible for someone here with more knowledge to do it, or is it impossible to do with that particular image?
  13. It's close, but not quite what I'm trying to do. For some reason, it won't disregard all of the white, just some of it. It keeps the total shape of a rectangle and not the image itself.
  14. I'm sorry, I don't quite understand. 1. How do I make a selection? I can't seem to figure out exactly using the Magic Wand. I have to do it that way to cut the image out properly. 2. I'm not sure how not to select the white & cropping. What other step do I need to add? 3, Just remembered to ask. When I first open Paint.Net, should I use Add layer?
  15. I checked all three boxes in the Alpha Mask window and then clicked on Image--> Crop to Selection. The image was checkered. Where did I go wrong? What are the steps to getting this completed? I'm a novice at this. I've only used it for basic stuff and usually stumble my way through until I figure out how to do something but can't on this one.
  16. This is driving me nuts!! I'm trying to simply remove the white outside part of a pic so I can convert it to an .ico file that only shows the actual image with no excess to use for my drive letter in My Computer. I have a free program that will place an .ico file there. I've partially succeeded by dropping the Tolerance to 23% when using the Magic Wand to separate it from the white part, but hit a wall after that. I've searched around the site but can't find the solution. It appears all but one of my older posts and links have been deleted that may help. The closest I've come to resolving it is from this link that was posted. http://sendspace.se.funpic.de/Host/tut/Outline%20Remover/ol.htm The problem is that it doesn't show how to keep the cut-out image. Anytime I try, it does the exact opposite! It removes the image and keeps the outside part that I don't want. Here is the image. Just in case someone wants to use the image to test it out and the one I uploaded is configured differently because of site parameters, here is the link to where I saved it from. http://www.macmall.com/n/Image-Gallery/macProductPages-macProductPages.6?op=productDetails.productGalleryThumbs.productGalleryThumbs&dpno=7532251&imgNo=0
  17. 1. Do I extract the .dll files into the Effects folder in the Paint.Net Program Files? 2. If extracted there, can it cause a conflict with other .dll files from other plug-ins? 3. Are all plug-ins for Paint.Net supposed to be extracted to this folder? I just extracted the latest version .dll files from Tanel's Shadow / Highlight Recovery plug-in which seems to work better than the older version. I only tested it on one pic so far. I got it via a link from BoltBait in an old thread I started over a year ago. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24809 The old version .dll files are NOT there because I did a System Recovery about a month ago, so the new version of Tanel's Shadow / Highlight Recovery plug-in .dll files are the only ones in the Effects folder. This is the link to the plug-in that BoltBait gave, not the link to the thread I started. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6524
  18. The problem with the Magic Wand is that it rarely if ever surrounds the image without spreading into the other part of the picture. I would like to be able to border off odd shaped images from the rest of the background or other surrounding things on a particular picture like the Magic Wand is supposed to. I assume there is a plug-in that is more effective that will address my problem. I tried searching for a plug-in but couldn't find one.
  19. I downloaded the plugin & tried to install it. I unzipped the file & nothing happened. All it showed was a dll file with 2 cogs. I checked in Adjustments & didn't see anything that would allow me to use the new plug-in. Am I supposed to extract the file in a particular file/location?
  20. I need to know the best way to lighten part of a picture without it being two-toned. An example of this is when I took a picture of someone inside a house. The orange dress is vivid, and the white wall and door came out good also. The problem is that the lighting wasn't good enough to bring out the true skin tone of the person. So much so that the person's face could hardly be seen, and her neck and hands came out the same as her face also. I tried to lighten her face by using the Ellipse in Tools>Adjustment>Brightness/Contrast making sure not to go outside the perimeter of the face. I then zoomed to 1600X and manually changed the rest of it a few pixels at a time by switching to the Rectangle in Tools . The result after more than an hour later was something that looked akin to pasting an egg in place of her face on the picture. It was grainy and looked ridiculous. I don't want to lighten the whole picture because it ruins the true color of the dress, and not as important, the door and walls don't look as sharp and vivid either. There must be a better way! At least I hope so. P.S. I would also like to know how to do the reverse; darken a specific area without the two-toned look.
  21. Sorry I took so long to reply. I thought it was solved. I checked back for several days after your second to last post and didn't see another post. Have you totally solved the problem now?
  22. Your problem seems similar to my recent one, but I resolved it by the solution I gave to you. Do you have .Net Framework 2.0 installed on your computer? If you do, maybe you can try this solution from something I copied and pasted from a post I made several months ago concerning a different issue than the one I had a month or so ago. Here it is: I read it and it turns out I never knew about trying to repair .Net Framework in Add or Remove Programs by clicking on Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, then click on Change/Remove, then click on the Repair radio button, then click Next... I repaired it, then reinstalled (did not uninstall-instructions did not say to) it and... low and behold, it worked!!
  23. First, if possible try to change the locaiton to My Pictures. If you're able to make it stay to where it opens in My Pictures and it doesn't lock-up, that means there's a strong possibility that there is one or more files in a folder on your Desktop that is causing it. If this is the case, change the Open location back to the Desktop to allow it to lock-up again. Drag a row or two or three of files to My Documents from each folder at a time and reopen Paint.Net. Keep doing this until it no longer locks-up, of course, keeping an close eye out on the last set of files that you moved. Then, move a few files at a time back to the Desktop, moving the ones that have no effect back to My Documents until you find the file(s) that is creating the problem. Then at this point you can decide whether to delete it or keep it in My Documents (as long as you don't attempt to Open or Save in the same location as the problem file(s)) where it won't affect Paint.Net.
  24. When u try to open it, where is it trying to open it from. For example, is it trying to open it from the Desktop? Let me know, because this sounds very similar to a problem I had about a month ago. I may be able to help remedy the problem.
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