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Grid line Colors

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I have checked the forum and am not able to find my question answered.   I wanted to know if could change the grid line colors.  For example for all other colors than black, the grid is just fine, but I would to high light the grid with like white to be able to know where I am in my images.  I create pictures on here that I then transfer by hand the colors and pixels to a graph.  Then I use that graph and rubber loom bands to replicate the image.  I love your site but just wanted to know about changing grid lines when it comes to black?

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As Pixey has suggested, you might like to try some grid plugins. Here are two others you can try out : MadJiks Grid Maker Or this Graph Maker (I have not tested to see if this plugin works in 4.0)
Just add a new layer, then run a grid making plugin. (keep your grid on one layer and the rest of your images on their own layers)
You can then change the color of the grids to anything you want by playing with color adjustments from the Adjustments tab in the Menu Bar.
(tip, if something is a pre-set black, use hue/saturation to make it gray. Then run the sepia adjustment to make is a brownish color. Then use hue/saturation again to saturate the color and change it to any color you want.)

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