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Feature request: Save selection coordinates as favorites

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I often need to crop a recurrent selection from different pictures, and since there can be a long time between these occations Paint.NET will have been restarted,

so I need to write down the coordinates to remember them from time to time...

It would be great if there was a menu to save selections as favorites, so they could be easily reloaded, and also to give them a name.


(Love Paint.NET!)






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Hi Engztrom - welcome to the forum!


Try this:


Add a new layer to an existing image (tip: this gets the size correct)


On that layer, make a filled rectangle the correct size for the selection.


Lower the opacity to around 50% (so the underlying image can be seen a little).


Delete the original layer


File > Save As....  "MySelectionTemplate" and PNG format.



Now when you need to crop a new image:


Open the photo image


Layer > Import layer from File


Navigate to your stored file & select it.


Click on the template layer & select the rectangle with the Magic Wand.


Click on the image layer and press Ctrl + Shift + X


Delete the template layer & save.

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