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Rotate or Flip the selection

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There are commands to rotate the image or flip the image horizontally/vertically.


If you only want to flip or rotate the current selectin you have to make a new image with the contents of the selection, at the size of the selection's bounding box, flip or rotate and then return that to your current image. That breaks the flow of image creation and is prone to error and losing your selection.


Can we have a "Selection" menu with flip and rotate commands? they would flip or rotate both the selected content and the selection bounds.


cheers B)

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Download BoltBait's plugin pack (found here).  It has both Flip Selection Horizontally and Flip Selection Vertically.



To rotate the selection press M to activate the Move Tool and move the mouse until the cursor becomes a double headed curved arrow. Then hold down the mouse button and drag.


That's the way to Rotate a selection ;)

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There are two similar tools: Move Tool :MoveTool: and Move Selection :MoveSelectionTool:

:MoveTool: moves and rotates the pixels on the active layer that are within the selection.

:MoveSelectionTool: moves and rotates the selection outline without altering the pixels on the active layer.

Make sure you use the right one ;)



I'm not sure what you mean when you say




When trying to rotate only the content rotates and not both
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