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Depending on where you save the image, you may not get the "set as desktop background" option in the context menu. If that occurs, you can right click on an empty portion of your desktop, then select properties, go to the background tab, click browse, find and open your image. When you set an image as a background, windows automatically creates a bitmap(BMP) copy of it called wallpaper1.bmp. I would recommend saving the fiel as a bmp originally as jpeg is a lossy codec and it'll just be transferred to a bitmap anyway.

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If you're getting the message that the file isn't usable, check and make sure that, when you're saving as a JPG, you're actually changing the drop-down at the bottom of the save dialog to JPG, not just typing "filename".jpg in the file name box.

If the file name is "filename".jpg, but the drop down says something other than .jpg, it will become corrupted and be rendered unusable.

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