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need help with layers

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I am new to paint.net program. I am designing tee shirts. I start a new project. Under layers I import from file a picture of a tee shirt. I then import from file a new layer of some art work I want on the tee shirt. I add a new layer for some text. I now have 4 layers. The background layer, the tee shirt layer, the art work layer, and the text layer. Problem 1 :I check only the text layer and choose the text from tools.I can see the cursor on the screen and I can see it move as I type. I can't see the text. Problem 2 : I want to move the art work to a certain place on the shirt. How do I move the art work. Problem 3 : How do I move the Text. Problem 4 : How do I combine them into one.

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Hi Mark - glad to have you aboard!


1.  The Text layer needs to be Active.  Click on it in the Layers window so it gets the blue highlight.  Hiding the other layers does not necessarily mean the one remaining layer has the editing focus.


2. Activate the Artwork layer (see above ;) ).  Press Ctrl + A to select all the layer.  Press M to activate the Move Tool :MoveTool:  Click and drag the layer around.  Right click to rotate it.


3. Move the text while you're typing it by grabbing the four-way control nub at the bottom right of the text.  If the text is already committed to the layer (i.e. you're no longer actively typing it) then use my answer from #2 - of course activating the Text layer instead of the Artwork.


4.  Combining all the layers is called Flattening.  You can do this with Ctrl + Shift + F.  Beware - if you save this image flattened you may lose the individual layers.  Best you should save it as a *.PDN prior to flattening (so you can re-edit later), then flatten and use File Save As.... to save again as a jpg/png or whatever.

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