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Drawing with angles

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I've been using Paint.NET for a while and have yet to find a solution for these two problems. I'm unsure if there is some functionality that I'm missing or if there are tricks someone knows to get the results I'm looking for. So here they are!

1. Is there anyway to adjust the angles of lines outside of just using trial and error? For instance, I just the line tool and create a line - it tells me what angle the line is, and I have to move tiny little amounts to try and make the line a certain angle. Another example would be when you paste something and are rotating it, again, you have an angle value, but you just have to kind of eye it and get it close. So is there a way I can adjust these (using a field where I can type in the numbers I want for instance)?

2. I'm creating a line that isn't straight. Over the course of the line it deviates from 0 degrees to 5 degrees. Is there anything that I can use to create tick or hash marks along the line that would be right angles to the line at the portion they are located at?

The combination of these two problems are why I'm here. If anyone could shed some light on them, I'd appreciate it.


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1. Hold down the Shift key to constrain the angle(s) to 15 degree increments.


2. Again, the Shift key will make the line horizontal.  Drawing vertical lines using the same trick will force them to be at 90 degree to the horizontal line. 


If this really doesn't work for you - get the alpha version of Paint.NET 4.0.  It has a really cool shape tool with an option to draw a right angled triangle.  Place this triangle on it's own layer and rotate until the base is aligned to a line tangentally touching your line at the contact point you want.  The 90 degree angle will ensure the adjacent line is at a right angle to your line.





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