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paste with no empty backgraund

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Try pasting the copied image into a new layer.  Here's how:


1. Open both images.


2. On the person image press Ctrl + A (Select All) and Ctrl + C (Copy).


3. Go to the second image and create new layer with this icon in the Layers Window :AddNewLayer:


4. Press Ctrl + V to paste the copied image into this new layer.

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The pasted image is overwriting the existing image because you're copying the transparent areas onto the same layer as the existing image.

If you do the paste into a new layer it won't do this.

Another option:

1. Open image with figures in it.

2. Layers menu > Import from file (navigate to the tank image).

Does that work?

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Are you sure the background is transparent?  Remember JPG's DO NOT support transparency PNGs do.


Feel free to upload both images and post the links here if you want us to have a look at what's going on.

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Glad I could help Sarcoma1. Welcome to the forum! :)

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