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Templates + Resizing Images for CD insert

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   I am trying to make an insert for a CD case (slimline jewel to be exact).

   Does Paint.Net have a template for this? I've been searching high and low, and I seem to be finding help for all other creating systems.

   I have an image respectfully about the size of desired insert on screen. (granted I know a lot is going to change possibly)
   Press: CTRL + R to resize.
   When in the resize window, where should I set the Pixel Size: Width, Height, & Resolution, if my printing size is 12.01 cm? (*I'd like to resume seeing the same sharpness, present to the image before resizing, if at all possible.)
    Is there already a template hiding or in plain sight, for this focus procedure?

   I didn't think making a cd insert would be so difficult. Even with all my expeirence playing Zelda, and Uncharted Waters, training myself with puzzels and things of the like. Although, most times, what your looking for is right infront of your face.
   I really love this program, in addition to the the forum, for when someone cant figure something out.

Thank you for your time.

-Alexander Lee

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Hi Alexander - welcome to the forum.

I have a jewel case template on my HDD somewhere.

I got this template from a CD production company and altered it to suit my needs. All you need to do it add your artwork and toggle the guideline layer(s) on or off. I've submitted it back to the company and had no issues with it at all.

I do recall that it is the jewel case with spine (not the slimline). I'll upload it anyway so you can have a look.

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   Thanks for your replies..
   I tried using the single jewel case insert template, and i'm still having difficulties. The images are coming out too large to come close to fitting into a slimline jewel case.
   i opened the resize options and edited them to 4.75"W x 4.72"H  and it came out elongated.

   {pulling hair out}

-alexander lee

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The templates are set up to be printed at 300 DPI. You shouldn't need to change the size at all. Just insert your artwork in the correct layer and save it under a new file name.

If you can't specify a print resolution of 300 DPI get it printed at that density by you local print shop.

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