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I work with a visually impaired student in 6th grade. He is quite gifted in math and is finishing up 11th grade geometry and starting 12th grade math. I use paint.net to create the tactile images. Once I have created and completed them, I print them on special paper and run that paper through a machine which raises any lines for him to feel. 


I am NOT sure what has happened, but each test I create can contain up to 10 images and I am required to create a new page each time so he can feel and completely understand the shape created. For some reason every time I open a new page the size of that page is altered. I would really like for that page to open up at its normal size each and every time. I have tried and tried to fix this problem. It's been frustrating to work with. I even tried to delete paint.net and re-add it and that did NOT seem to help. Any suggestions on a quick fix?


Also, is there anyway for the page to open by default vertically? I always have to rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.

I appreciate any assistance you may provide. My email is <snip>


Dazed and confused,



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The default canvas in Paint.NET is 800 pixels wide by 600 high.  The workaround is to create a template of the correct size and orientation and save this as a *.PDN file to a location you can find easily.


Double-clicking the template should open it with Paint.NET.  A good tip here is to rename the template immediately within Paint.NET (File > Save As...) so you don't accidentally overwrite the original.


More >> http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24853-how-do-you-stop-paintnet-from-creating-a-new-canvas-upon-program-execution/?p=376215

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