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PDN Crash log

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Ok So.. i got this weird crashw hen i was playing a dragon game, and then it started freezing. And then a warning sign Tab came up saying like: Computer Crash Please restart and Re-Solve the Problem please. And so i did,a dn i found thsi weird file named: PDNcrash. it said to contacts paint.net and i figured it might be the update. Can someone help me?

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Hi JustinDrowned - welcome to the forum :)


I've split your post out from the thread you originally posted in.  It make better sense to have it here where we can try to help you.


I think what may have happened is that your crash is unrelated to Paint.NET and in trying to diagnose it you're come across an old crash log for Paint.NET.  To diagnose the problem further - please post the contents of the crash log here so we can see what's going on.

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