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system issue

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Hi all

I know this is more of a system issue than a Paint issue but any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a couple of plugins that only work when I am connected to the internet. Drop Shadow and 3D are a couple. They won't work unless I open a browser. I get a system Net Frame 2 configuration error notice in Paint when clicking on the plugin. Since I have Net Frame2, 3 and 4 I didn't know if it is only active when I open my browser. Yes, go ahead and ding me for being computer illiterate! :P


I have XP pro 32 bit if that helps. Yes I have the latest version of PaintDotNet and those plugins, just downloaded and started using in fact.

Thanks in advance!

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I believe that The author of Drop Shadow (@KrisVDM) has some kind of built-in check performed to ensure you're using the latest version of the plugin.  See the Drop Shadow thread - that might account for the internet connection.   As for Shape3D, I'm at a loss to explain the requirement for an internet connection there.


Question:  Did you download the plugins from this forum or from somewhere else?

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I downloaded all but the 3d one here, had to use the mirrored link for that one. I used Kris VDM's installer to load them and have the latest version. I did read through that post earlier and didn't see a issue like mine. I shall blame my computer not his plugin.  I was just hoping someone could point me in right direction for this quirk.

Thanks for answering!

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