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Suggestion - Magic Wand Enhancement - Border

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You know how a magic wand allows users to set a tolerance and select accordingly.


Well this usually works well for most people's purposes but what if the object concerned has a shadow or highlight effect that would fall through the cracks and require more editing.


What I was thinking here is that it would be very useful to be able to not only set tolerances for the tool but also set a 'border' variable in pixels. Hence it would be much easier to extract that text or object with its shadows intact (and requiring less retouching work)

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There is a workaround for now.


1. select with m. wand

2. new layer (don't deselect)

3. paint bucket selected area red

4. deselect

5. outline object plugin (100% strength and whatever outline you need), also use red

6. m. wand at 0% tolerance on the red

7. switch back to old layer


I use this technique when I am removing a background and a little bit of the background is outlined on whatever you are isolating.

Here is my website - http://www.oddllama.cu.cc

Here is my gallery - http://oddalpaca.deviantart.com/gallery

Am I odd? - yes

Am I a llama? - yes

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Thank you kindly for the proposed work-around :c)

Yes that is certainly another way to get things done!


That also brings us to another option for selections - pixel creep (inwards or outward as per option). Or perhaps a selection manipulation tool that can allow persons to manipulate selection lines either mathematically through automatic processes or manually through elasticated click and drag vector processes.


Either way - the above technique should work! Thanks again.

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Have you met this tool?   :MoveSelectionTool:  = Move Selection


It allows you to move, resize and rotate the selection outline ;)

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