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Love the Acquire feature

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I've never been big on scanners and they've always been awkward in the past when I tried to use them (like TWAIN driver days).

However recently I have had some situations where I needed to get some hard documents on the interwebs and I remembered Rick mentioning the Acquire feature.

It works perfect and I like the basic options available. Plus it opens directly in Paint.NET which is exactly what I would want. So thank you guys for rekindeling my respect for scanners.

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You said that the Acquire feature is calling an external application, but would it be at all possible to make saved "user profiles" available on the document type screen? My scanner needs a little tweaking for each of the different kinds of pictures (color photo, B&W text, etc) and I always forget the values I used and have to do some tweaking to get the right settings each time.

I expect that you will say no because its not actually Paint.NET thats doing the scanning...but your smart and may have some trick.

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