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  1. 3840 X 1024 widescreens are fun ! Image up there has been replaced though, with a custom one made to show three individual 1280X1024 shots in each.
  2. I've skiied in my earlier years. Though perhaps I spent more time with the gals than actually skiing. "I'm a freestyle skier though" Everyone is a freestyle skier, no matter how much they lie. :wink:
  3. College ... too long ago to remember clearly.
  4. Only one springs to mind: The 300ZX Twin Turbo: Barbie Commercial
  5. Nice Streakies! (Be nice, this is my first sig ... :? )
  6. Been fooling with PDN for a week now, and looking at all the tuitorials and plug ins. I've found one thing, I'm absolutely clueless at artistic stuff! Anyways my first real image besides my signature is this: I was going to shoot for a new signature, of course starting out I am too big for that, but it just got more interesting in how to add everything so far. So far this has used several tuitorials found here, plus the tiny knowledge I have from that other bloated high costing image SW suite hehe. (Such as taking the heli itself, adding as a layer and using the eraser to negate the surrounding color.) Thanks to you guys I applied the gaussian blur to not leave it to hard edged, however I don't like the look of it, I suppose I should have started with larger image of the heli and blurred after erasing, then scaled down to keep it as "sharp" as the rest of the image, heck we just do what we know eh? I found it fun to add another layer for the water color and add underneath the actual fire image created, and it actually enhanced the color of the whole scene when I did it IMO. My question is, I'd like to get rid of the black "sky" and replace with a blue color, adding clouds again but in white, to give it a actual "day scene" type look ... but not have it throw all the rest of the image to shambles. Am I asking too much? :wink: Eventually I'll go thru this again, maybe with another heli, larger to begin with, and get it sized right for a sig.
  7. Your scanner software doesn't have profile creation?