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Outline Existing Text

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There are a couple ways you can do this.

Method One:

1.) Using the magic wand click on the black background.

2.) If you wish to also separate it fromt he yellow circle in the middle, hold the Ctrl key and while still using the magic wand click on the yellow circle.

3.) Next press the "Ctrl" + "I" keys on your keyboard. This will invert the selection (select the opposite of what you currently have selected - the black background and yellow circle).

4.) Next press the "Ctrl" + "C" key to copy the selection to the clipboard.

5.) Go to the "Layers" pane and add a new layer.

6.) Next press the "Ctrl" + "V" key to paste the selection from the clipboard onto your new layer.

Now that you have the text on the new layer you can outline it as you desire.

If you wish to further remove the inside of the letters such as "P", "A", "R", etc. then again with the magic wand click inside each and press the "Del" or "Delete" key on your keyboard. You can do these individually by clicking inside each and pressing delete, or you can do them all at once by using the multiple selection method we used above by holding the "Ctrl" key while using the magic wand to select inside each of these areas.

Note: Because the copied text is in the exact same position as the layer beneath, your eyes may be misled causing you to think that nothing has changed. If you remove the check mark from the bottom layer in the "Layers" pane, it will turn that layer off and you can better see that you are only working with the copied text.

Method Two:

1.) In the "Layers" pane, duplicate your layer.

2.) Using the magic wand select the black background, while holding the "Ctrl" key and still using the magic wand, click on the yellow circle, and again if you wish to remove the inside of those letters, while still holding the "Ctrl" key click on the inside of those letters.

3.) Next, press the "Del" or "Delete" key on your keyboard.

All that should remain now is the text. You can verify this by repeating the instructions outlined in the "Note" from the previous method.

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