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AAAHHH! Help. Crash with Unsaved Projects


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I had three projects going at once,

one was saved.

I was re-saving it as a JPGs,

then when saved hitting undo to get back to having it un 'flattened',

so I could make alterations and resave it as another jpg.

The project was saved at the final point but I wanted to make different jpg versions.

This worked fine a few times, but I did undo too quick after saving one of them I think...

and paint.net hung and said it had to close.

While to dialog box came up asking me to click ok.. which I tried to avoid,

knowing I might lose my other 2 unsaved projects I was working on.

So in procexp which is a pro version of task manager,

I created a memory dump of the paint process which is just over 1gb.

Anyway I was forced to click ok and it continued the crash,

and when i reopened paint.net, to my dismay it hadn't recovered anything.

So my question is....

What do I do with a memory dump?

Can I use it to get my projects back?

I am thinking it contains the raw instructions like "image locations are here,

these are the layers and actions and this is the resulting image"...

Basically I had several images with varying transparencies and not much fancy graphic work,

but I don't think I can recreate them off the top of my head. As most of what I liked

occured out of luck.

Aka pasting in another image which asked to stretch the canvas, which created a blank space,

which I the colored and added text. Then rotating certain layers and etc ended up with the overall product I was happy with. But was about to save after I was done making the jpg copies of one.

*sigh sigh

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You can go ahead and delete the memory dump file.

You can't use it to get your projects back, sorry.

My guess is you just ran out of memory. I recommend two things if you're going to be using Paint.NET with large images or lots of layer: 1) make sure you're using a 64-bit "x64" edition of Windows, as these problems mostly only happen on ye ol' 32-bit editions, and 2) get more RAM, at least 4GB. It's pretty cheap nowadays!

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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*booboohooboo boo

I was in the process of doing so, I know I shouldn't have pushed it to think, but it should have a "we have a recovered project would you like to load it?" like in windows movie maker or word processors? They were small image files and any recovery file would be small.

Thanks for the quick replies.

I have 4gb RAM and yeah winxp 32bit v____ v, there should be a way to overide the crash so the program has to find a different way to deal with it.

Also I figure if I could activate the Memory Dump, i'd end up with paint.net hung! lol and two unsaved projects sitting there laughing at me.

There must be something I can do, maybe I should have copies temporary files folder instead. *sigh

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