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Feathered border - whole image

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Hello all,


I'm hoping you might be able to help a newcomer achieve the very common feathered effect as shown in the attached image. This was achieved in photoshop by making a rectangular selection with a wide feathered edge then selecting inverse and then deleting. That was in another life and I do not have access to photoshop onthe computer so I'm hoping I can achieve the same with paint.net. I have read and reread the forums and can find references to feathering and gradients but can't seem to be able to crack it for a solution.

I would be very very appreciative if someone could give me some guidance.

Kind Regards


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Make a rectangle selection inside the image, smaller than the image by 1 to 2 inches from the edges

Invert Selection: Edit>Invert Selection

Erase the space around the selection, using a large size eraser

Deselect: Edit>Deselect

Run Alpha Blur to something high: Alpha Blur

You can add a white background layer or any color.

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make a second layer above the image you want to add the effect to, fill it with whatever color , select the Gradient Tool, set toRadial Gradient, set from Colour Mode to Transparency Mode( this is jsut to the right of where you select the radial gradient.. right click and hold in the center and pull outward


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