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Creating a PDF with PrimoPDF...White space?

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I hope this hasn't been posted before, I searched the forums and help and couldn't find my specific problem.

First off, I'm an amatuer geek trying to do geeking things, like create my own cover design using Paint.net to upload for CreateSpace POD, so please bear with me.

I downloaded my correct size template from CreateSpace, opened it with Paint.net, trimmed the excess white (I was told it was okay to do this) and started a bit of the design. Before getting too far in, I decided to take a look at the dimensions on the finished PDF.

I downloaded PrimoPDF and clicked print. With the "fit picture to frame" box checked, the right and left edges are cut off. post-90970-0-21179900-1342051903_thumb.p When I uncheck the box, I get white space at the top and bottom. post-90970-0-21179900-1342051903_thumb.p

I'm afraid with the white space at the time and bottom, that will translate to the print book cover.

Any ideas? Anyone ever formatted a cover for CreateSpace using Paint.net and Primo?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


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Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum.

Without getting too complex - I think you're orientation is the problem. The picture looks to be landscape whereas books usually require a portrait orientation.

To try fixing this:

1. Reopen the original template.

2. Click on Image | Resize and check that the width is less than the height.

3a. If the width is wider, rotate the image by 90 degrees (Image | Rotate 90 degrees )

3b. If the wdith is less than the height you probably have the correct orientation.

Other things to ponder:

4000 x 4000 is a very large SQUARE image. This just doesn't sound right. For Kindle books I usually go for an image 500 wide by 800 tall - see how the WxH ratio is different?

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BTW: Paint.NET has a plugin that will create a PDF straight from your image. You can find that here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/22863-imagepdf-filetype-plugin/

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Thanks, yes the width and height are different. Since this is for a print book, not ebook, the image is for the front cover, spine, back cover, all in one. I tried rotating, same result. I can't do anything about the square dimensions for the Quality. It only allows me to select other square numbers like 3600X3600, 2400X2400, etc.

My book will actually be 5.25X8, the template allows about a quarter inch all around for bleed, but this just doesn't look right, especially when I printed it out and there was white space on all four sides and it didn't reach the desired 5.25X8 dimension.

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BTW: Paint.NET has a plugin that will create a PDF straight from your image. You can find that here: http://forums.getpai...iletype-plugin/

You just saved my sanity for the night! :-) The plugin worked better than PrimoPDF. After a few minutes, i was able to figure out the install and operation. Yay! Now I hope my file size and all that stuff is right, but one hurdle overcome, thanks!

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Glad I could help.

I'm still not convinced that a square image is right.

5.25 x 8 inches + spine (say 0.5 inches?) = total size of 11 x 8 inches. Looks more like landscape orientation to me.

Image size x 300dpi (guessing) would be an image of 3300px (width) x 2400px (height).

Mock up an image at those dimensions, allowing an internal border of 0.25in (x 300dpi = 75px) as the bleed area. Export it as a PDF (you know how!) & see how it looks?

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