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Trying to remove moire effect from image

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I have used PDN since the February 2007 release, and it's a great program!

Currently I am having trouble with one of my projects for a re-skin for an add-on for the space simulation Orbiter. My problem is the distortion of the of the patterned layer which is the weave pattern from the fill select.

My question is how do I get rid of this distortion?


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This is commonly referred to as a moiré effect. In your case it is probably to do with the way you created your texture then resized it.

I tried a number of methods of reducing the effect. The best results I got was to use:

Effects | Blur | Surface Blur with settings 6 and 21. This too will reduce a lot of the detail.


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Sorry about the rule breakage.

Thanks for the tip this has been a head scratcher for days now.

That is actually just a screen shot. The file is actually DDS that is used on the mesh of that vessel the sim actually stretches out the skins and through useless tips of PS users on the sim's forum site I got no where (not to mention I'm doing something they won't do cause of this problem) so I thought since I have an account here why not use it.

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Read up on the moire effect (Google or Bing). I'm reasonably confident that the effect is being created by the apps attempt to resize the texture. Try a coarser texture to see what happens.

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