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With default settings, when zoomed in and a tool is dragged while active to the top of that zoomed in section it continues upward. Is there an option to change the tools behavior so that it stops when it reaches the top of what you're zoomed in to?

My second question regards the pixel grid. When you zoom in at different degrees it displays different grid patterns. Is there an option to only have it display a grid of horizontal and vertical lines?

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Zooming: That's normal behavior - the tool on reaching the visible edge scrolls the expanded canvas so the hidden part is revealed.

If you don't like this you can stop just shy of the visible edge and hold the spacebar down - this turns the current tool into a pan tool.

Pixel Grid shows the outline of pixels when the zoom is 200% or higher. The pixels don't change, but the grid does in order to reveal the pixel margins without completely obliterating the image. Try it at a higher zoom and all should become clear.

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