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moving portions of image

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No such thing as a dumb question around here. Welcome maggyb1!

Complex, due to the complexity of the image itself. How much did you wish to move it?

My first thought would be to try Pyrochild's excellent Liquify Plugin. Here's what I managed with a few short strokes from a very large brush.


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I had forgotten about that. I used it in photoshop a couple of times. great answer. Now, for the tough one. How would I exchange my face and upper part with hers? How can I add something to the pic like other small fairies? I appreciate your help. I am trying to get something together for Summer Solstice. M

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Swapping faces and adding faeries is the same technique. You need to find a source image and then cut out the portion you wish to reuse. See this tutorial: Cutting out images the easy way.

Once you have your source image cut out, open the destination image and add a new layer :AddNewLayer: and paste or import your source image into the layer.

Generous use of AA's Assistant from this plugin pack might help blend them in: dpy's Pack.

You might want to read through this thread, which covers much the same subject:

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