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Gradient tool and glow question.

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Hi All

I'm relatively new to using paint.net for original image creation from scratch. I've been doing a few of the tutorials on the forums as way to learn how and I've run into an issue with "atmosphere" glow in the many planet tutorials.

I've been making a mars like planet as an experiment however when I create and atmosphere glow I can't create a glow which is more pronounced on the light ward side of the planet but not visible on the dark side of planet similar to the atmosphere in this image http://xflipz.devian...scape-197810882


I've created a separate atmosphere glow layer however I can't seems to limit it using a gradient tool on the darker side. I just get one continuous glow around the whole edge of the sphere.


Can anyone can provide any advice or guidance on the above?

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To be honest, the atmosphere in your sample (linked) image is not pleasing my eye. It's more horseshoe shaped and has thick ends rather than a nice taper into nothing.

Here's a quick method that springs to mind:

1. Activate the glow layer.

2. Select the Ellipse Select tool :EllipseSelectTool: and ready your fingers over both mouse buttons.

3. Hold down the shift key as you drag out an ellipse with one mouse button. The shift key keeps the shape circular.

4. Keep holding down the first mouse button + as the size gets near the planet, also hold down the second mouse key. This lets you shift the ellipse (circle) selection around while still casting it.

5. Keep playing until you get something selected like this:


6. Press delete to erase the selection.

7. Now run the Alpha Blur plugin on the glow layer with a large size (I guessed 26). You'll notice that Alpha Blur also fades out the outside edge of the glow. Don't worry...,

8. Use the Move Tool :MoveTool: to shift the glow layer up and left to move the faded edge of the glow off the planet. You should wind up with something like this:



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@thalakos: You're welcome. Glad it worked out for you.

@ Welshy: I'm pleased to have taught you something. Usually it's you who opens my eyes. I wrote somewhere that you (and others) showing your works in the Pictorium were teaching me things that I didn't even know I didn't know about Paint.NET :)

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