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EccentricButterfly's Gallery

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Hello, fellow Paint.NET users.

My name is EccentricButterfly.

Welcome to my gallery.

I only have a few pictures at the moment, but I plan on making more. Just be patient with me. My true talent is writing, not so much art. But I like to draw in any case. I have the physical supplies to prove it.


I hope you enjoyed. Any helpful advice will always be welcome.

(Still trying to figure out how to add the actual image without uploading. I apologize.)

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First, this should help you in posting your pics:


Second, great work. I truly love it/them :)

I tried following the instructions, but it didn't show up when I tried to preview it to make sure that everyone could see it. Am I not supposed to be able to see it if I preview it?

And thank you. I was debating whether it would look good that way. I'm a novice at digital enhancements and paintings. :smile:

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The background is very fitting for the image. It brings the 3 figures to the forefront. The placement is great too - rather than taking up the entire background, with the colours reflected from the figures. Well done!

Thank you for the compliment. Of course, color wise I tend to lean towards red, white, and black, but I figured that would look sort of tacky with the colors of their outfits. :smile:

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