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    writing, drawing, IMVU 3D Chat site, friends, family, anime, manga, working on my creativity, preparing for college this fall. Joy.
  1. Thank you for the compliment. Of course, color wise I tend to lean towards red, white, and black, but I figured that would look sort of tacky with the colors of their outfits.
  2. I tried following the instructions, but it didn't show up when I tried to preview it to make sure that everyone could see it. Am I not supposed to be able to see it if I preview it? And thank you. I was debating whether it would look good that way. I'm a novice at digital enhancements and paintings.
  3. Hello, fellow Paint.NET users. My name is EccentricButterfly. Welcome to my gallery. I only have a few pictures at the moment, but I plan on making more. Just be patient with me. My true talent is writing, not so much art. But I like to draw in any case. I have the physical supplies to prove it. http://s1063.photobu...rfly-0001-1.jpg I hope you enjoyed. Any helpful advice will always be welcome. (Still trying to figure out how to add the actual image without uploading. I apologize.)
  4. Love all the work! You have a real talent for doing deco art. Have you ever gone to school for graphic design or are you thinking about going to school?
  5. -awaits the chance to talk to her white knight-

  6. Wow. You weren't lying. You have some beautiful works. TT_TT They look beyond my reach (artistically speaking). E~B.
  7. Thanks so much, Sarkut. That helps a lot.
  8. Hi. Sorry to bother you, but I'm stuck on a part of your tutorial, the border. I followed the link, but it went back to the previous location of this site, and there was no tutorial on it. I've already looked through all the other posts in the tutorials but couldn't find the one by DarkShock. Is there any way of viewing it or having someone help me with it? Thanks. EccentricButterfly.
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