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Can not open files from my camera

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I am new to Paint.Net and was wanting to start learning how to edit RAW images.

So I just downloaded and installed Paint.Net and am ready to use it. I took a few test shots with my camera, which is a Nikon D90, in NEF (RAW) + JPEG mode.

Now here is my problem(s). First off, I can see the RAW image on my camera, however, when I try to open it in the Paint.Net editor, it does not even appear as being there. It does not recognize the file at all. Then also, if I try to use the JPEG format of the same photo, I get an error message "The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened"

I have to first save the JPEG file to my computer and then I can open it with Paint.Net. And as of right now, I can not do anything with the RAW file so it sits on my camera's SD card.

What am I doing wrong?

I appreciate all of your help and guidance. I really want to start editing my photos a little more than I currently do and figured it was time to take the RAW dive.


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Hi christieb, welcome to the forum!

First issue: RAW files. These are not natively supported in Paint.NET. You have to download and install a plugin to extend the functionality of Paint.NET to include RAW files.

Second issue: Not all RAW files are created equal. Many hardware manufacturers have differing ideas of how the RAW file format should be applied.

Following on these issues, there are a number of plugins that add RAW file support. Some work with specific files and some don't. Have a look through the plugin Index (link in my signature) and see if you can find one to work with the output from your camera.

For help installing plugins, go here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/36-how-to-install-pluginsgeneral-plugin-troubleshooting/

This is not really a troubleshooting problem, so I'll move this thread to the Paint.NET Discussion & Questions section of the forum.

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