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How to make this text effect?

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Use the text tool on a new layer (color white). Select your text with the magic wand tool. Go to Effects >Selection >Bevel Selection and mess with that to your tastes. Go to Adjustments >Transparency and mess with that.

And your done.

Before posting questions though, I advise you to browse through and experiment with the tools and effects to learn what they do and where they are. If your still lost, use the Forum search and the Help search to see if that answers your questions before hand.

Thank you and hope you enjoy using Paint.net!

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Another alternative to NinjaManDan's suggestion is to:

1. Create your text in black on a new layer above the picture.

2. Duplicate that layer and change the text to white on the top layer.

3. Run the 'Trail' plugin by pyrochild back on your black text layer to whatever settings work the best for you.

4. Merge down the white text layer on to the black text layer.

5. Reduce the texts layer opacity to whatever suits.

The above will place the shadow outside of the font as per the image.

Bevel selection will place a 3D shadow effect inside the font.


Left: Bevel Right: Trail

The trail plugin link:




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Another method you can try (though you already got what you were looking for xD )

Duplicate your text layer and make the top layer white and the bottom layer black. Lower the opacity of both to 100 (or less). Use the move tool to move the black layer one pixel down and one to the left.

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