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Cropping Picture


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Hi Tina,

Welcome to the forum!

First: Your question is not really suited to this section of the forum (Troubleshooting and Bug reports). I'll move it to the Paint.NET Discussion & Questions section for you.

Second: You can find a lot of information in the help files. Press F1 in Paint.NET to view the online documentation.

Third (and finally answering your question): Paint.NET does not have a specific crop tool. Instead you need to make a selection and then you can crop to that.

Try this: Click on the Rectangle Select tool :RectangleSelectTool: and drag out a selection on your image. Next press Ctrl + Shift + X to crop the image to your selection (press Ctrl + Z to undo the crop it if you want to try again).

For help with saving, read the online documentation. Note that if you crop an image and then save it you'll lose the cropped information! Better to use Save As.., and specify a new filename as this leaves the original image untouched.

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