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I recently lost my hard drive and had to re-install Paint.Net and all the plugins I use. When I downloaded BoltBait's Pack, it was a new release. I was excited to see the enhancements and thought no more of it.

I use Paint.Net for a lot of things, mainly for a hobby, which probably will be frowned upon, geocaching. I create Avatars, Geocoins and several other items of the likes however, one other thing I use it for is

to solve puzzle caches.

One type of puzzle is to hide an image inside another image. The hidden image is usually a QR barcode, or a Microsoft smart tag. Today, the one I am solving is a smart tag. After clicking on the effect tab and clicking to

reveal hidden image, the smart tag is there, but it has many lines running through it.

I have had someone do the same thing but running an older version of Paint.net and the plugin pack and it works great. This could just be a UE (user error) in the way I have setup the re-install.

If someone has a suggestion on how to solve my blurred, line filled image, I would greatly appreciate the help.

To better understand, see attached picture.



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Repost this in the thread related to BoltBait's stenography plugin: Here.

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