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Middle Mouse Click as Eye Dropper

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Similar to how Minecraft allows you to select the block your cursor is over via middle mouse click,

wouldn't it be intuitive to make the eye dropper/color selector bound to the middle mouse button?

As far as I can tell, a middle mouse click does nothing in PDN right now and when I tested to see if this feature was already implemented, it just felt right to me.

So I say follow in Notch's footsteps with the middle mouse button, afterall he himself advocated PDN on his blog for creating games :lol:

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Sounds reasonable to me, actually. However, to retain consistency, I would make it match the clone stamp tool and turn ctrl+click into the eyedropper...

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Well, middle click does have one use currently. You can use it to close an image by middle-clicking on the image thumbnail at the top.

Ooooh that's nice to know :D

I noticed that it did the little "click animation" whenever I pressed it, but I never saw it do anything no matter where I clicked. I didn't think of the thumbnail though :P

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