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Is this a paint.net file?

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I noticed a file in my 'C' folder tonight. It's a text document written on a Notepad. It's called "balance" and the whole page is full of this:

( R Offset32 Gain 0 Black131 White199 Avg165

G Offset32 Gain 0 Black131 White239 Avg185

B Offset32 Gain 0 Black131 White198 Avg164 )

I checked the properties and there's absolutely no information about it's origin. I'm also not able to delete it. (Possibly because I don't have administrator privileges)

I'm assuming it has to do with PDN, but I'm curious why it's in my C folder. All the other PDN stuff is in my program files. Is it a PDN file that I simply downloaded in the wrong place? If so, can it be safely moved, and to where? Thanks in advance.

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Paint.NET didn't make that file ... so unless it's a *.pdn file, it isn't from Paint.NET. There's a chance a plugin made it, but there's no code in Paint.NET itself that outputs that kind of stuff.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Thanks for asking. I only have MS paint and PDN. This is a text file. Since it's on a notepad, I probably used notepad to open it already and forgot. The only thing that's in there is about 30 paragraphs of the same stuff.

It's dated the 27th of last month. I looked up the first picture I made with paint.net and it was also Nov 27th. It must be associated with PDN in some way. Maybe like Rick said, it's from a plugin, or maybe it's from my scanner. I also installed my scanner on the same day.

The C folder seems like a strange place to drop something like that though. It's really no big deal. I'll just leave it alone for now.

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