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Text on text & gradual transparency

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I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish the following:

I have some text on top of text. Now, in order to avoid garbled symbols, I want the text ON TOP to have a border of transparency around it, letting the background come through. This border of transparency should fade out.

I got as close as this. However, it's not what I need.


But I don't want the lower 'Test' to have WHITE stuff around it--instead, it should be transparent, so that the blue shines through.

So basically I want the lower 'Test' (that's in FRONT) to have a transparent blur around it, obscuring the capitalized 'TEST' (in the BACK), letting the background come through. And this should be gradual.

Hope someone here knows how I can get this done.

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Use outline object and alpha mask to cut out the area you want to bleed through.

4 layers in order of descent:

Mask object: Small text with outline object applied. You will copy this to clipboard.

Small text: The text you want to sit on top of the other text.

Background text: The large background text.

Background color: The color you want to bleed through.

Basically make the top layer by duplicating the small text.

Apply the halo around it using outline object to your taste. You are going to actually want to do black on black for this.

Copy that layer to clipboard.

Use Alpha Mask then on the background text to create the cutout. I would suggest matching alpha or you'll get some AA issues.

It should bleed though now.

Just make sure you turn off the top layer of course.

You can also just fake this by matching the color and using one of the outline objects to create that bleed through effect. But in case transparency is important, the actual cut out method is what I started with.

Fast example image using the Alpha Mask ... halo is too large, but meh, it illustrates it:



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If either of the outline objects dont quite work out, try using a blur (like gausian) in a low pixel radius on the text as well for the mask you want to cut out. Not sure on the resulution you're working at but outline object can/possible create a crisp outline that you may or may not see on smaller canvas ... This can also extend the outline in really small steps, like 1 pixel at a time that could be helpful.

And you're most welcome. Sounded like something I could figure out at least. :mrgreen:


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Alpha Mask plugin (in case you don't have it already):

Alternative method:

1. Make your background color layer, your bottom text layer, and your top text layer (in that order from bottom to top)

2. Select the magic wand tool and set the flood mode to "global" instead of "contiguous."

3. Select your top text layer and click on the blank space around the text.

4. Select your bottom text layer and use the "feather selection" plugin at your desired settings.

5. Invert the selection and hit delete.

It isn't quite as flexible as delpart's method, but it's a touch faster as you don't need to make an alpha mask.

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Hmm.. interesting methods, guys

How about just using the Color Picker tool one the background color, then apply DropShadow on the top layer text,

but don't forget to press Reset button on the DropShadow plugin (the blue arrow button) this way you can adjust the transparent borders with sliders as desired.

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In my fast test I didn't like the result of drop shadow. Redoing it just now it does seem to offer a simpler interface.

As for alpha-masking? He describe a specific want, so I literally translated that. If the background was a gradient or if he wishes to reuse the layers on top of something else, I sort of figured knowing how to get that result may be useful ...

Of course I'm answering a rhetorical question probably ...


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