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Constrain Drawing Tools

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Wanted to know if I could either A) Find the existing feature and how to use it or B) get it added to the feature wishlist :)

Feature: In Photoshop-like applications, when you hold down CTRL before doing a left-click draw action (such as pencil or paintbrush), allow the draw action to only occur horizontally or vertically (hard to explain). Say I have the pencil tool, which is a 1px brush size. I hold CTRL, then left click and slide the mouse to the right (horizontally). The pencil is constrained to only draw 1px horizontally only, if I change the mouse's Y as I increase or decrease its X, the pencil still draws on the X I started with (is locked in).


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I'm not sure about the last one (locking in) but holding Shift whilst you draw will keep it perfectly vertical or horizontal

Does not work, at least not for pencil tool. Generally when wanting to do a single pixel line I use pencil since it's a 1px tool only

left clik and use the arrow keys. up down or across horizontally either way? is that what you mean.

That does work - I guess it's what I'd like to do, just seems like its a bit of a hack?

To also make the line very thin, turn off the antialiasing option on the toolbar (the icon with a smooth line turned to choppy line).

Thanks for the suggestion, but not really important to what I'm doing - generally I just want a single pixel straight line, which if I'm doing it right won't need any anti-aliasing :)

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You should still turn off AA when drawing 1px straights lines with the Line/Curve tool, because otherwise the GDI+ renderer likes to think it's smart and it'll place light gray pixels on either end (GDI+: "yay I antialiased it, are you proud of me boss", me: "No")

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Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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