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  1. Does not work, at least not for pencil tool. Generally when wanting to do a single pixel line I use pencil since it's a 1px tool only That does work - I guess it's what I'd like to do, just seems like its a bit of a hack? Thanks for the suggestion, but not really important to what I'm doing - generally I just want a single pixel straight line, which if I'm doing it right won't need any anti-aliasing
  2. Wanted to know if I could either A) Find the existing feature and how to use it or get it added to the feature wishlist Feature: In Photoshop-like applications, when you hold down CTRL before doing a left-click draw action (such as pencil or paintbrush), allow the draw action to only occur horizontally or vertically (hard to explain). Say I have the pencil tool, which is a 1px brush size. I hold CTRL, then left click and slide the mouse to the right (horizontally). The pencil is constrained to only draw 1px horizontally only, if I change the mouse's Y as I increase or decrease its X, the pencil still draws on the X I started with (is locked in). Thanks!
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