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Drawing w/transparent background

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There must be a conspiracy against me getting this seemingly trivial thing done and I'm hoping someone can help me out :S I looked through the forum searches and surprisingly didn't find an answer... I just want to make a simple drawing (a few concentric circles) on a transparent background... How do I do this please? Sorry, to be precise, how do I make the background transparent?

Thanks in advance!

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Start up Paint.net hit CTRL + A then hit the DELETE button on your keyboard.

This will leave you with a checkerboard pattern ( this is how PDN shows transparency )

Now press the O button on the keyboard 4 times this will change your tool to the ellipse tool ( shown as a crosshair with a circle above it )

Now draw your circles hold down the SHIFT key at the same time to keep them round

You can change the thickness by changing the brush width which is at the top of the screen and is normally set at 2 pixels.

Then save the image as a .PNG to keep the transparency.

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