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Request: Effect Center

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I know there won't be more features added for 3.0, but perhaps for the future...

I was wondering if it's at all possible to use effects from a different point other than the center. For example, if there was an object you wished to zoom blur, but it was in the top-right corner, and you want it to stay there, could you possibly choose the center of that object and zoom blur from there? Same thing with the bulge effect, other distorting effects, and many other effects. I just think this would be VERY useful.

Some may argue "Just move it to the center then move it back." This isn't always possible, and may drastically change the outcome of the effect(s).

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I did...

"One thing that annoys me..." isn't something that would catch your eye on this subject...

Nevertheless, the second post on there will work...

I agree 100% on that. Some posts seam to be asleep. They need from us new topic to reborn...

Ok, ok, calm down... :roll:

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I am calm too! (not two = eight angel pils) :wink:

I was just thinking about the bliss topic


BTW, Paint.net is now near the version 3.0 RC so we could brush up the older topics accordingly the the newer version.

Also I don't want everybody to calm down cos it wont be the stuff going on!

Joking! :wink:

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